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GLDocks Has Lots of Great Dock Ideas. “We’ve been doing docks for over 20 years.” Call today. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Commercial docks

  • Residential docks

  • Work docks

No matter what you need, we have a plan for you.

“Decks, docks, seawalls, hoists and more, we cater to all your custom needs. Let us at Great Lakes Docks & Decks design and install

exactly what you need.”


Call  Capt. Wally at

(586) 725-0009

Floating & Fixed Docks

All Alumidock® aluminum docks are lightweight, durable, and require minimal maintenance. This, along with their long life and easy installation and removal, makes our dock equipment a very appealing purchase.

We also have plenty of other great dock products. Allow us to find your perfect solution! Below are some of our customer docks, as well as photos from our manufacturers. 

Wave Armor Floating Docks

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