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Calm Sea

We Install Decks, Docks, Seawalls, Hoists,

Ladders and Stairways.

We Service Decks, Docks, Seawalls, Hoists,

Ladders and Stairways.

We Repair Decks, Docks, Seawalls, Hoists, Ladders and Stairways.


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Great Lakes Docks & Decks Owner Wally Dombrowski

“Over 30 years experience serving the southern Michigan area... Contact Capt. Wally for a custom quote.”


Owner of Great Lakes Docks & Decks

100 Gross Ton Coast Guard Certified Captain




Installation, Service & Repair of

vinyl and wood decks.



Installation, Service & Repair of

fixed and floating docks.


Installation, Service & Repair of

a wide variety of marine hoists and lifts.



Installation, Service & Repair of

steel and vinyl seawalls.



Installation, Service & Repair of

aluminum and seawall ladders.



Installation, Service & Repair of

custom fixed and mechanical stairways.


Welcome to GL DOCKS


Great Lakes Docks & Decks was founded by Wally and Kris Dombrowski in 1986. After spending 20 years in the service industry, the dream began with the simple idea of selling floating docks. Soon we realized there was a unfilled need on the lake for boat lift service, hence we began specializing in custom boat lift installation up to 35,000#. Need repair or retrofitting of an existing lift? We can take care of it. We still sell floating docks and offer permanent and portable docks as well as seawall boardwalks. Every piece of waterfront property needs a seawall ladder, we've got them in three styles and eight sizes. Want a little more comfort of use? Consider our aluminum seawall stairway. 


Our business is located on Anchor Bay in Algonac, MI. We work on the water from the Grosse Pointes to Lexington, and everything in between. If you live on the water we have everything you need to fully use and enjoy your property. For the last 30 years we have been dedicated to servicing the needs of waterfront homeowners. Ask your friends and neighbors, chances are good that we've worked for them. 

Did you know?

  • We are the Michigan dealer for the amazing AccuDock floating dock system. Call Wally to see if one of these highly customizable installations can solve your docking needs.

  • We specialize in warranty and out-of-warranty service for all types of small engines. Home generators, power washers, and all other power equipment, we service them all.

  • We are the only dealer in the state of Michigan for the alumidock aluminum stairways. Order yours today! ​

  • The Swan View Inn is located next to Great Lakes Docks and Decks. Visit to plan your next getaway! 

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Our Services
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Wave Armor

Wave Armor provides products that are not only supremely functional but also aesthetically pleasing to help enhance the precious time we spend on or around the water. Modularity is critical and the Wave Armor® Docks and Wave Ports™ can be assembled into an infinate number of layouts to meet the exact configuration desired.


Docks, Stairways & Gangways - Alumidock® has been making quality aluminum dock equipment and waterfront products for over 45 years. All Alumidock® waterfront equipment are constructed of corrosion-resistant, salt water tested aluminum alloys, and require minimal maintenance. 

Davit Master Boat Lifts

Davit Master’s ship-shape reputation is built on strength and reliability - with meticulous standards that include important details like hefty oversized materials, welded construction and self-aligning pillow block bearings. All of our proven boat lift designs come complete with a no-hassle warranty and customer service that rocks.

SlideMoor Boat Docking Systems

SlideMoor is truly a 24/7 peace of mind boat docking system. The SlideMoor system protects your boat from bumping, banging, waves, and tides. SlideMoor makes docking and boarding a much safer process by tying your boat tight to the system, merely inches from your dock. The maintenance-free SlideMoor system works with two lines on one side only, making it the fastest and easiest docking system on the market; and has worked in severe weather when all other systems have failed! 

Gorilla-Deck logo.png

The durable Gorilla Deck features an interlocking design and an innovative system that creates a water-shedding surface that prevents water from traveling below, keeping the area dry. Available in a variety of colors, it’s the perfect addition to every backyard. Designed to emulate the appearance and feel of traditional wood decks, Gorilla Deck's vinyl surface has a natural wood grain look and an elegant blend of colors. Gorilla Decks never need painting or re-staining because they have the most advanced UV protection under the sun. The ACCU-Shield protective outer layer is engineered to significantly reduce oxidation and the damaging effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Even in harsh climates, ACCU-Shield protects your deck's color and sheen.

AccuDock floating dock system

AccuDock® is the leader in providing waterfront solutions for all sorts of outdoor activities and is known worldwide for manufacturing the highest quality floating docks with a degree of customization that allows each customer to purchase the floating dock of their dreams.  

ThruFlow logo.png

ThruFlow™ panels are a permanent solution for all your outdoor and marine applications. With a diverse range of products — from our consumer-priced Impact panels to the sun-powered Sol panels — we have something for every personal or commercial project. The Premium Decking Solution for Decks, Docks, Walkways, Marinas and Gangways.

What marine construction need do you have?

We are the Michigan Dealer for all the top manufacturers. Call today and let us put together a custom solution for you. We're confident it will be well worth your time.

"Contact Us today I’d love to answer your questions and schedule a time to meet with you.”

- Capt. Wally

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“Please accept our thanks for yet another job well done. Wally, you, Kris and your employees are a pleasure to work with – professional and efficient. The hoists & docks were completed in a timely manner. You and you staff incorporated innovations as needed. Many companies make promises, few deliver. Wishing you the best and we thank you for making our boating, kayaking and paddling season a great success.”

George and Linda Ellis

“…I wanted to thank you for the beautiful job your company and your crew, Dan, Darren & Kyle did on my boat hoist & seawall. They worked on some really cold days; Tried to give them coffee & lunch and (they) didn’t want anything. With redoing my house I wish there were contractors that worked like your guys. Again thank you very very much.”


Douglas & Roxanne Pasque


Our Address

7427 Dyke (M-29)

Algonac, MI 48001

Tel: (586) 725-0009  


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